"Finance for Non-Finance Managers" Training

If you want to build effective and flexible management system within your organization, your managers need to demonstrate a basic understanding of finance. This training is designed in a simple and understandable format to convey financial fundamentals to non-finance people. It will boost your business and financial literacy, resulting in well-informed economic decisions.

The course starts by introducing accounting basics and then teaches you to understand financial statements. 
You will learn to: 
  • Speak common language with finance people
  • Understand financial statements
  • Analyse financial statements
  • Assess financial position and performance of the company
  • Prepare budget of the company/department
The training should be useful for top management, sales managers, enterpreneurs, banks' loan officers and junior accountants.
The program and timeline of the training is as follows:
Introduction 30 mins
Role of the Finance 45 mins
Structure of Financial Statements 150 mins
--Income Statement --
--Balance Sheet --
--Accrual Basis --
Analysis of Financial Statements 150 mins
--Profitability --
--Efficiency --
--Liquidity --
--Debt --
Cash Flow Statement 45 mins
Taxation 30 mins
--Income Tax --
--VAT --
--Withholding Tax --
Budgeting 30 mins
Total   8 hours
Training and all related materials are delivered in Azerbaijani. 
Training fee for corporate clients can range from 1,300 AZN to 1,950 AZN depending on level of customization. Training fee for individuals is 180 AZN per person. 
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