Financial Modelling

The final outcome of a financial modelling is a full set of historical and forecasted financial statements. These shows how a business has performed to date and how it will perform in the future, based on a bunch of assumptions. A financial model serves as a very important decision-making tool in business. It can be used to support funding applications, indicate your working capital requirements and direct your investment activities. 
By working closely with client's team we can build a customised financial model specifically designed for your requirements. We create interactive models that can provide answers to specific questions, test scenarios and assess sensitivities to key unknowns. Models are developed in Excel. Assumptions and calculations are separately identifiable so that client can easily make changes to understand how the business will perform under different scenarios. Related trainings are provided to finance team of the client to maintain and update the model in the future.
We are also able to review your existing financial model to ensure that it is reliable by testing its mathematical accuracy, confirming that its logic is consistent with the commercial drivers of the business, and reviewing the reasonableness of the input assumptions.
Financial modelling fees are based on the complexity of the business and number of marketed products. For small and medium-sized companies in Azerbaijan total Financial modelling fees can range from 2,000 AZN to 10,000 AZN.